A Wedding and Waders at the Switzerland Inn


October 17, 2012 by Art of the Angle

It is so hard to imagine that our special day has come and gone.  I knew before it started that this was going to be a bitter-sweet day in this chapter of my life.

Ms. Shari and I made our commitment to one another before God, family and friends on Saturday, October 13th, 2012.  Set upon the continental divide in Little Switzerland, North Carolina we confirmed our love and made it permanent at the Switzerland Inn.

 For those that follow my writings on a regular basis already know my feelings for this place and the folks that own it.  But it won’t hurt to rave on them at least one more time. 

 I have had the honor of knowing the gracious owners, Gary and Jackie Jensen for long enough to consider them family.  Our relationship started when I was guiding fly fishing trips in the rivers and streams of North Carolina.  My guests always stayed at the inn because it is quality personified!  The Jensen family’s tireless attention to detail always made the guests feel like they were at home.  Everything from the comfortably spacious rooms to the luxurious dining experiences garnished with heartfelt smiles, the inn and her folks never leave you longing for home, you feel like you are already there! Over the next few posts, I want to describe as best I can the experiences that Shari and I have had.  From the day before the wedding, the wedding day and the bitter-sweet departure.  This is not the easiest blog project I have ever done.  The memories, still fresh as yesterday slow my typing as my mind and heart wander back over every detail and moment that made October 13th, 2012 the day Heaven and earth became one. stay tuned…and….Tight Lines!

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