Taking Time For The Little Things

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April 9, 2023 by Art of the Angle

Life goes by fast enough without us perpetually pressing on the accelerator leaving us to wonder where all of our “free time” goes.

My wife and I knew starting our small outdoor business would be a challenge what with working full time but ultimately we made a promise we would make time for ourselves.

Chubby Little Rainbow

So what do you do when you make a little room in your itinerary? You go fishing, duh.

The weather was less than stellar but it was good to just be out of the concrete jungle for a while. The recent rains raised the water a bit but at least it wasn’t muddy.

The fishing was good but the catching was a bit sluggish. My wife caught the first fish of the day, a health rainbow but the added bonus was catching it with her brand new TFO Bug Launcher.

At the time, we hadn’t noticed any feeding activity on the surface so we mainly pitched assorted bead head nymphs but the best results came from woolly buggers and green and cream Elk Hair Caddis.

#14 Green and Cream Elk Hair Caddis

So all in all, we had a great time smoking cigars, wading one of our favorite streams, letting the natural elements remind us how fortunate we are to be alive but above all of that, to just take some time for what is truly important.

Get outside!


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