Taking Life One Cast At A Time

Yawning and stretching, scratching parts we do not mention desperately working toward that first sip of black gold; the nectar of the gods squeezed from a bean and into my cup. It would have been easier to stay at the inn but for some reason, my soul was screaming for simplicity. Unzipping the flap to … Continue reading Taking Life One Cast At A Time


In The Blood I Leave Behind

As a father,  a man, a human being it becomes important at some point in our lives to think about the legacy we leave behind.  We need to know we are leaving this world a better place because of the blood and contributions we are leaving.  This past father's day weekend, I got to realize … Continue reading In The Blood I Leave Behind

Simple Beauty

Not a long winded narative but a simple post of appreciation for the classic flies of our fly tying and fly fishing fore fathers. The Royal Coachman tied wet, dry, streamer or whatever, is a fly fishing icon with its deep emerald wraps of peacock overwrapped with bright, pure red silk and thin silver wire. … Continue reading Simple Beauty

Old Ghosts

I bought my fishing license yesterday.  It is a little late for me as I usually buy them when the previous license expires.  In my home state  of South Carolina, we run on a yearly license schedule, i.e. July 1st to June 30th. Living in the South Carolina lowcountry, I try to take advantage of … Continue reading Old Ghosts

Sometimes, Charity Begins At The Vise

Art of the Angle is proud to introduce our line of flies (other items to follow) that will be used exclusively for charity. (click here for our charity items) With the purchase of these items, at least 80% of the proceeds will be given to charities selected by the purchaser.  We supply a list of … Continue reading Sometimes, Charity Begins At The Vise

Tight Budget Fly Tying

So often times it happens with economic times being what they are for most, fly tying comes to a sudden halt because we run out of material.  It doesn't have to be that way if you can think outside the box. Fly tying wholesalers and manufacturers bank on the fact that fly tying is an … Continue reading Tight Budget Fly Tying

Samwise: The Golden, The Myth, The Legend!

I remember as if it were yesterday, Cayce was the 9 week old female golden retriever pup.  Slept a lot, played and chewed a lot...typical puppy stuff.  Cayce, it was clear, would be the wife's dog or princess as I recall.  As such, I had little to do with her except clean up the poo. … Continue reading Samwise: The Golden, The Myth, The Legend!