Stages of Life- Sailfish Project

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September 6, 2011 by Art of the Angle

Thought I would share the stages of life so to speak of one of my projects. This is a Sailfish that is part of a larger “off shore slam” series that will feature a sailfish, marlin and dolphin. The carvings are about 10 inches in length and will vary in width.

This first picture shows the pattern roughed out and ready to be sanded.

This picture shows the carving sanded and ready for the additional fins and then paint. I always prime the carvings before painting them as this will distribute the paint evenly without changing the color.

Here is the painted fish without the clearcoat on it and the fins added. At this point, I add the pearl finish to it and check to make sure there are no flaws. Once it is thouroughly dried, I add several layers of clear coat.

 A Finished Sailfish! Though the picture doesn’t do much justice, the piece is beautiful. This one will go behind glass with the Marlin and Dolphin for the completed “Offshore Slam”.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed the step by step of how a project comes to life. This kind of work is a passion of mine and I love to share with others.

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