March Madness


March 13, 2012 by Art of the Angle

Its that time of year again when we flyfishers begin to take mental and physical inventories of our gear.  Checking waders, resoling boots, tying flies whether we need them or not.  The list is endless.  We are a strange breed but damned if we arn’t prepared.

Around this same time the aquatic life so crucial to our endeavours become less lethargic.  Insects such as the midge and caddis begin to appear.  Spotty at first then heavier as the day warms.  By the months end if the temperatures are right, mayflies such as March Browns and Quill Gordons begin to hatch in fishable numbers followed by the Hendricksons.  Some die hard anglers fish the Blue Wing Olives throughout the winter months where and when they happen but its the first big flies of the season that make it official.

Wild flowers start to bloom along our streams and the paths that lead to them.  Bluettes and trilliums, laurel and ramps.  Yes, ramps.  Find a flyfisher who will admit to keeping a trout much less eating it and most will tell you that they use ramps to add a touch of flavor to their fish.

Ramps is a wonderful ruffage that grows wild and has the smell of onion.  For some, it is an acquired taste but to the streamside chef, there is no finer way to honor a brace than cooked with ramps! 

So there it is…the start to the 2012 trout season is underway…at least for me!

Tight Lines!

2 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Yup, it’s in the air — dunno about you but out here in the west it’s been a long and dreary winter.


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