Salmo Trutta: The Brown Trout in America

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April 4, 2012 by Art of the Angle


Honestly, is there any other trout that comes to mind when the words “fly fishing” are spoken?  Now I know we all have our favorite trout.  Mine happens to be the native brook trout, especially in the cold mountain streams of North Carolina.  But I would be a  liar if I said I wasn’t amazed when I bring a brown trout to net.

Salmo trutta, the only true trout has a wonderful story about its arrival to the states as well as its planting in streams all over the world.  It truly is a remarkably hardy fish and its adaptability has helped this fish quickly gain respect from all corners of the globe.  Not all anglers share this same enthusiasm however.

Since their introduction to the waters of North America, the brown trout has adapted well, maybe too well.  They have encroached on the already diminished territory of native brook trout in the eastern streams of North America.  It was an unfortunate mindset in the early days of trout stockings, “the more fish you put in, the more you will have to take out”.

Still, the brown trout remains a staple in the quest of fly fishers all over the globe.  This will be a thread that will be added to over time.  Updated with new information that will hopefully add to the knowledge and respect you already have for Salmo trutta…

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