Wading With Giants

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April 28, 2012 by Art of the Angle

I’ve mentioned it time and time again about the ease of access to fly fishing information these days.  Okay, maybe it’s more of a lamentation for the way we had to learn “in the old days”.  I reckon it ranks right up there with “..when I was your age, I had to walk to school in the snow butt deep on a tall man up hill both ways”.

I was talking to a friend of mine a short while ago about where we got our fly fishing inspiration.  I am one of those folks who gravitates to people who can demonstrate perfection without the prima donna personality.  Humility is a virtue and I have always respected those who have a gift and are willing to share it without attitude and with patience.

That is why I can look back with reverence and thank those folks who have helped me to become the fly fisher I have.  Anglers like Ed Shenk and Ed Koch.  The many discussions with Nick Lyons and Lefty Kreh and being able to hold a handful of sulphur duns fresh from the vise of Walter Dette.

To some it may seem like name dropping.  I suppose it could be construed as such if it weren’t for the promise I made to always take what they taught me and pass it on in the manner they did for me.  I prefer to think of it as pride.

So thank you gentlemen for your gift of time, patience and teaching.  I’ve always tried to pass along what you have generously given me and I can only hope that 35 years from now someone can look back and acknowledge my contribution to their fly fishing education.  Then and only then will I be worthy of the gifts you gave to me.

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