Arts of the Angle

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August 17, 2012 by Art of the Angle

When I created Art of the Angle, I had in mind an all encompassing view of the name.  The “art” of fishing or in this case fly fishing is more than a hand carved, sculpted or painted fish.  It is even deeper than a beautifully hand crafted bamboo fly rod or hand tied fly.

Art of the angle is a mood.  A sense of awe.  It is a pure desire for that perfection associated with the fishing.

It can be the stealthy approach upon feeding natives in skinny water.  The art of contentedness to watch them feed and not disturb them. 

It could be the art of fishing upstream  to the apex of a tall waterfall; standing at it’s peak and surveying the awesomeness you were a part of just moments ago.

The art of the angle is defined in so many ways to different folks.  I would love to find out what it is for my readers.  Thats why starting tonight, I want to hear from you.  Send me a comment or drop me a line (yes, pun intended) by email and let me know what is your art.  I am giving a few hand carved and painted (made by yours truly) necklaces away for the best responders.

So lets hear them, I really want to know…

Tight Lines!

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