Birth of a Brook Trout

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September 6, 2012 by Art of the Angle

Feeling the fall fever, I cannot wait for the autumn fly fishing to start.  It just so happens that our wedding is during the most beautiful part of the fall season…coincidence?

As an artist of many mediums, I must say that wood carving is probably my favorite.  I love to recreate the objects of my outdoor passions.  So as we draw close to the beginning of the season, I thought I would share with you a simple but beautiful little project; the birth of a brook trout

It all begins with the idea of how I want the fish to look, it’s pose.  For this project, I chose the simple, upstream pose.  I chose poplar for the wood because it is soft like basswood but strong.

I draw out the design, keeping it without too much detail.  After laying out the design, I carve away everything that isn’t a fish.  I carve in such a way as to make it look like the fish has life, giving curve to the tail or fins laying back in a fanning motion.

Once I finish the form, I sand away the largest facets but leave enough so as to show that it was actually carved.  After the final sanding, I apply a primer coat of white paint.

When the primer dries, it is time for the base coats.  Olive-emerald green back, burnt orange belly,  fins and tail and golden-yellow sides.

After the base applications and blending, I add the detail…which is always the most fun!  When the paint dries, I add two coats of mother of pearl slightly thinned.

The end results are pretty cool.  No two fish are alike just like in nature.

So there it is, I hope you enjoyed this little walk through the creation of a brook trout.


Tight Lines!


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