Fun Flies Part 2: Fun and Function for a Cause

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September 23, 2012 by Art of the Angle

October is coming on fast and to quote a favorite book title of mine”My Health Get’s Better in the Fall”.  October is also an important month because it has become the national Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I cannot stress enough the importance for ladies to have your mammograms and perform self checks on a routine basis.  If you think it cannot happen to you, it can.

Catching for a Cure

For all of those special ladies who are newly diagnosed, in the fight, fought and won or have fought and lost you are forever in our thoughts and prayers.  In honor of these ladies, I have tied a trout selection  called the Pink Lady Catching for a Cure selection.  Of course I tie and sell them with every penny of the sale going to the cause, but I wanted to share these with you because I am excited to try them out in a few weeks! As many of you know, my fiance’ and I are going to be married on October 13th of this year.  And since I have completely corrupted her by introducing her to fly fishing, we are using the occasion to fish with family and friends in our beloved North Carolina mountains.  Friends have asked; “…sooo, is this a fishing trip that you figured what the hell, we are up here lets just get hitched or is it …hey since we are getting married, lets take sometime to fish”?  The second of course!

Most of my fly flinging buddies have fished many of my old haunts with me but all but a few of my family have not.  I cannot wait to show them the magic that is the fly fishing in the North Carolina Mountains! So until then, I will be packing the fly fishing day pack and then repacking the day pack in anticipation of the trip.  This is a therapy of sorts to soothe the anxious nerves before a big trip.  Of course I will keep y’all updated and if any new patterns come to mind I will definitely post them.  As always, if you are interested in purchasing flies or artwork, let me know.  All proceeds do go to the breast cancer cause.  Please visit our Breast Cancer cause site at: for more information. Tight Lines!

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