A Wedding and Waders at the Switzerland Inn…Part Two

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October 18, 2012 by Art of the Angle

So Shari, the kids (bad dog Samwise included) and I arrived at the inn around 9:30 pm Thursday.  As I entered the inn to pick up the keys for our cottage, the young man behind the counter was having difficulty locating my record and keys.  It was at this time Ms. Jackie tossed me my keys and told the young fella…”don’t worry, Jim is home”.   Ah yes, I am home!

It didn’t take long as tired as we were to unload the van and hit the hay.  The next morning, I was to meet Charlie (my best man) on the banks of Cane Creek in Bakersville, NC.

I arrived at a little after 9:00 am and sure enough, there was Charlie in full fly fishing attire and rod loaded, ready for action!  After getting ready and rigging the rod, we proceeded to our usual spots, casting and catching.

The weather was perfect, the water not as thin as I thought it would be and the fish were energetic and willing.   We had the creek mostly to our selves, the greatest benefit to fishing during a work day!

The trout were awesome!  Fat, healthy trout full of “piss and vinegar” and looking fantastic in their full fall dress.  Autumn brings about some fantastic morphing for the spawn in the male Brook and male Brown trout.  The colors become vibrant and the lower jaw of these fish form a sharp “hook”. 

After catching and releasing many fish, the warm, early afternoon  sun reminded us of our lunchtime commitment to my bride to be and to welcome the other family members traveling in for the wedding.

We arrived back at the inn and Charlie got his room.  Feeling the hunger pangs, we headed to the town of Little Switzerland to grab lunch at the Switzerland Cafe.  This place never ceases to amaze me!  Authentically rustic and charming the food with the local crafted ale is as they say…”to die for”!

Lunch with family and friends in a place just slightly south of Heaven was equally as intoxicating as the two Gaelic Ale’s…(note to self, Gaelic Ale; very intoxicating!).

Back at the inn, we welcomed Chap (my river brother Dave Smith, Chaplain, Major, U.S. Army) who would officiate the nuptials and the last of the family.  Once everyone was settled, we ran through the wedding rehearsal and then went back to clean up before the banquet.

The dinner was a buffet loaded with prime rib, oysters on the half shell, crab legs, fresh steamed shrimp and many other items and desserts. 

Before waddling back to the great room to sit and talk over drinks, Chap, Charlie and I  (much to my mothers dismay) made plans to fish in the morning before the wedding.  I explained that it was my bachelor party and that Chap would keep Charlie and me in line…Samwise however would have to stay with Shari, he was the ring barer and had to memorize his lines…true story.

…stay tuned….

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