A Wedding and Waders at the Switzerland Inn…Part Four

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October 24, 2012 by Art of the Angle

The three of us arrived back at the inn from our mornings date with trout and raced to the rooms to begin getting ready for the wedding.  Yesterdays rehearsal was brief and we were all on the same page.  Today I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat on a porch full of rocking chairs.  I keep asking myself if I remembered everything.  Charlie sensing my stress, claps my shoulder as I am tying his tie looks me in the eye says “you are gonna be just fine”.

The bright but cool afternoon sun beams uninterrupted as Charlie, Chap and I begin to assemble near the arbor.  For the first time I choke back tears realizing how deep my love and respect runs for these two men.  I am in total awe of the gift of friendship God has given me.

My soon-to-be stepson and Samuel arrive looking sharp and my heart beat begins to quicken.  As my regular readers know, Samuel Samwise (Gamgee) AKA “the bad dog” is my Golden Retriever.  He is now 11 years old and though he may be a little slower, he is no less the chick magnet…kinda like Charlie but less furry.  Sam was the ring barer.

With the remaining groomsmen now present, Chap and I take our places and the music begins.  I look to my left and I see Charlie leading Sarah, the Maid of Honor toward the arbor.  Following are Kraig with his sister Kristy (my soon-to-be step children).  I am blown away by how beautiful they look walking down the aisle.  Kristy on one of Kraig’s arms and Samuel on the other. 

The music changes and that is the cue for my bride.  As she begins to walk from the inn on the arm of her dad, everything suddenly came together.  I muttered “she looks absolutely gorgeous!” and at that moment it seemed as if the sun shone a bit brighter.

The ceremony was beyond words.  We wanted a Celtic wedding as much as possible honoring our heritage and I dear say, we achieved it!  Everything from the setting, music and the flowers captured the spirit we were striving for.

The reception at the inn was nothing short of amazing.  The staff, most of whom I have known for years were professional but sweet and blended with the friends and family that came to the wedding.  Their experience and desire to make this day special made for a seamless and joyous occasion.

The food prepared and presented in flawless perfection and served in our very own private banquet hall.  The hall warmly light by the last, fading shafts of the late afternoon sun as the cozy fire blazes in the full walled fireplace.

At the ceremonial bride and groom dance, my mother and father stepped in and stole us away.  For the first time, as I held my mother as we danced she cried.  Tears of joy streamed the care worn lines of her beautiful cheeks as she finally got to witness her baby boy in total bliss.  She was also excited for her new daughter-in-law and step grandchildren, all of whom she is deeply attached.  For my father, he is honored with a daughter-in-law who loves and respects him and calls him “dad”.

My life at the top of a mountain both literally and figuratively; from this height, all I can see is the possible breeding the probable.

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