Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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February 27, 2016 by Art of the Angle

Social media made our big, beautiful world so small that we forget what damage could be done almost instantly with out controlled curiosity.  Forget the most important stuff like big bro being able to watch you search the web for anything from risky to recipes.  I am talking about for the angler who is too damn lazy to get outside and find new water for themselves.

While reading over the mornings online fishing friends adventures, I came across a post where a flyfishing nut took the time to explore forgotten country and was rewarded with a blue liners paradise.  Places where a lot of lazy anglers only dream of, this person used unbridled passion for adventure of the long rod and a topo map to find a little piece of Heaven.  His efforts were rewarded handsomely and he posted it on line with pics of course (after all, fish stories without pics is just fantasy).

The pictures he took were amateur at best but sufficient enough to drive the passion for any would be angler over the top to forget their etiquette and beg for names, geo coordinates, etc.  If this angler did that on line, within the  hour that stream would be public access and the Heavenly qualities decimated.

Look folks, it is not that hard to find streams and banks where boot prints don’t exist or at the very least, are less than a week old.  All you have to do is pick up a topo map, get a compass (if you are old school) and hike through the great wide open to find your own little paradise this side of Heaven.  Checkout this post on this subject:

This world has become smaller and a hell of a lot scarier in many different aspects.  But as sportsmen, it is our responsibility to behave as we should in our lives while on line or in the real world…that is,  a real gentleman or lady would NEVER kiss and tell.

Bottom line here is if you have to ask where the place is, you don’t deserve to know especially through on line social media for ALL the world to read.  Lets tell our stories and post the teasing fish porn pics but let us also remember the code and not “kiss and tell”.

Tight Lines!

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