Tight Budget Fly Tying

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December 24, 2016 by Art of the Angle

So often times it happens with economic times being what they are for most, fly tying comes to a sudden halt because we run out of material.  It doesn’t have to be that way if you can think outside the box.

Fly tying wholesalers and manufacturers bank on the fact that fly tying is an addictive aspect of flyfishing.  And because of this addiction, they can charge higher prices that either A: force you into buying someone else’s flies or B: start selling off other possessions to pay for the tying material you need.  “B” is far fetched perhaps (okay, truth be told, I have done this…more than once) but it has caused me to begin thinking outside the proverbial fly tying box.

A few examples are; visiting your local quilting or sewing shop for the threads and silks (genuine silks too!) or to your local big box retailing craft stores.  I began tying flies using glass beads instead of the traditional brass for my beadhead flies.

Glass beads add an acceptable amount of weight but also add a better shine while in the water.  If you tie to sell, they add a certain flare that traditional beads just don’t have.


all material for this fly is from the craft store, except the collar 


As far as hooks, I found that Lazer Sharp by Eagle Claw offer an octopus hook in sizes that match perfectly for all of my nymphs and wet flies down to size #18.  Couple that with a micro glass bead and now you have an entirely new twist on flies!


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