In The Blood I Leave Behind

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June 20, 2017 by Art of the Angle

As a father,  a man, a human being it becomes important at some point in our lives to think about the legacy we leave behind.  We need to know we are leaving this world a better place because of the blood and contributions we are leaving. 

This past father’s day weekend, I got to realize my legacy.  

Through the super secret shenanigans of my daughters and wife, they worked so hard to get my youngest daughter here for father’s day.  It amazes me how important it was for them to work together to make this happen.

As I sit and think,  it was the process that brought them all closer together all the while giving me a gift that will last beyond the limits of my memory.

We enjoyed our coastal home so much more with the day visit to Charleston,  South Carolina with the art galleries and ice cream in the market.

My daughters first taste of sushi and the warmth of our favorite people at our favorite restaurant.   Fire pits and cigars, Golden Retrievers and fishing.

Flounder and sunburn, swimming and did I mention laughter?

The long talks, the longer listening,  the advice given and taken.  Sweet memories are made of these. 

I feel confident in the life and legacy I will leave behind.

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