New Addition To The Ornament And Gift Tag Series

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December 10, 2012 by Art of the Angle

It was a long time in planning but I finally sketched the Off Shore Slam fish I wanted to make.2012-12-10 19.18.29

This series features the Marlin, Sailfish and Dolphin and were surprisingly less difficult to produce.  Just like the other series; Mountain Trout Slam, Farm Pond Slam and Inshore Saltwater Slam these pieces are designed to be functional.

They can be used as unique gift tags or as ornaments for a Christmas tree. 

This picture shows the series after the first priming and sanding, awaiting the second coat of primer.  I like this picture because it shows the detail that the painted and finished pieces don’t.

2012-12-05 06.12.04

I thoroughly enjoyed making this set and as always, the real excitement for me is putting the finishing details with the paint…watch them come alive!

The wood is poplar, I like the lightness of the wood and the denseness of the grain.  It is a wonderful wood for most projects, soft yet durable. 

The paint is an acrylic and a thick clear coat to finish the piece.

They are currently listed on ebay but if you are interested in purchasing these unique creations, just drop me a note and I can get them to you before Christmas.  All proceeds go to establishing Lady Long Rodders, my charity helping families who are going through breast cancer.


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