A Brand New Season

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February 22, 2013 by Art of the Angle

IMG_01322012 was a great year for me for so many reasons.  Piscatorially speaking though, I introduced my girlfriend to fly fishing then married her!  From waders to a wedding, life could not be better.Julia's Pics 001

As the 2013 season blows in (literally) the planning phase has already started on trip dates and logistics.  Reels are cleaned and rods checked for any damage that might turn a great trip into a nightmare. 

Pre-season preparation is necessary and should never be rushed through.  It does however conjure up memories of seasons past and wishful thoughts of future success on the “one that got away”. 

So as I return to my pre-season tasks, please take my advise and save yourself some trouble:

Check your rod(s) for nicks.  Also check the guides for any snags that may cut leaders or worse, damage your fly line.

Make sure your reels are clean and free of dirt and sand that will damage the gears and drag.  Don’t forget to grease all moving parts for smoothness.

Clean your fly line.  I strip all of my line from the spool and wipe it down thoroughly with WD-40.  After the solution is wiped clean, I apply two coats of standard Armor All.  This will help seal cracks in the coating, protect the line from UV and keep the fly line slick.

Restock your first aid kit and if your area warrants, update the snake bite kit.

Check the waders and rain gear for leaks.

Inventory your fly boxes.  You don’t want to get caught short on the patterns that were successful last season.

Pink Lady Wulff

Pink Lady Wulff

Lastly but not the least, check your leader and tippet material for strength.  Even if it was stored properly, it was still exposed to the sun while you were on the strem….check it!

Hope this helps and may your 2013 season be safe and productive….

Tight Lines!

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