The Blessings of Living on Borrowed Time

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November 6, 2013 by Art of the Angle

Why is it that when the alarm goes off to wake us up for work, it is the most annoying sound ever devised by man. But let that alarm go off at oh-my-gawd thirty on the morning we are going fishing, it is the sweetest sound next to a screaming drag.

0So that is how my Saturday began on that wonderful autumn morning. The tide was going to be perfect, a 6.5 at 7:15 am. It is still hunting season so I knew it wouldn’t be crowded. After a quick but wonderful breakfast (graciously prepared by my wonderful wife) and lots of coffee, I grabbed the gear and away we went.

The sky was a marbled blackish gray with streaks of a failing sunrise. The slight breeze giving me some relief from the invading gnats. As I ascended on the flat, working my way ever so slowly, one step at a time toward one of my favorite spots, it occurred to me; What a blessing that we live on borrowed time.  Taking nothing for granted, the sand gnat inside my nose is the only anchor I have to the reality that this is not a dream.20

Standing, watching the tide creep through the marsh and lap upon my waders. Mesmerized by the growing population of fish fanning as they corral the fiddler crabs to gorge on them. Casting seldom, I am more content to simply be a part of their world watching, admiring the glories of my Creator.

A few short hours later and the water has receded back to creek and with it all of the redfish I came to catch.  My success today wasn’t measured by the number of catches I made it was by the release of the notion that somehow I have to land a fish to make the trip complete.

It is a blessing to be living on borrowed time, and we all are. So do yourself a favor and take time to witness the glory that has been given to each and every one of us.


Tight Lines!30

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