Lazy Spring Lowcountry Day

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May 15, 2014 by Art of the Angle

Springtime in the South Carolina lowcountry is a magical time of year.  It is a time when pollen fills the air and sinuses but brings forth such amazing color as to rival the pallet of Claude Monet.  It is when the sunshine shakes the last of winters chill from your bones and the sound of birds and wistful squirrels fill the trees.

For me, I can think of no better place to celebrate the seasons arrival than with a trip to Cypress Gardens.

Located in the quiet but beautiful town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Cypress Gardens is 170 acres of gardens and exhibits featuring the butterfly house and aquarium.  It also features a great little gift shop and wedding garden but one of the main attractions is the swamp.  Featured in the 2000 film The Patriot with Mel Gibson, this amazing black water swamp teams with wildlife and breath taking beauty.  Guest of Cypress Gardens can take a guided tour of the swamp or take a boat and paddle it themselves.  Either way, you cannot leave the gardens without see the swamp and here are a few pictures you cannot get unless you take the boat:

Cypress Gardens Swamp Tour   Cypress Gardens Swamp Tour   Alligator in Cypress Gardens Swamp   Cypress Gardens Swamp Tour

…and of course some of the flowers the gardeners do a wonderful job tending to:

Cypress Gardens Flower          20140511_134219  20140511_134624 20140511_134635 20140511_134906  20140511_135629 20140511_13593620140511_140721


Lastly, the butterflies.  These are just a few that would sit still long enough to snap a picture:


Swallowtail Butterfly     wpid-20140511_135658.jpg     Cypress Gardens Butterfly House


If you are planning a trip to the South Carolina lowcountry, ( and everyone should) you will do yourself a huge disservice if you do not make the trip to Cypress Gardens.  Absolutely one of the most peacefully beautiful places on earth!


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